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Terms Of Service

1) You may only have one account.

2) You may refer other people in your household but only ONE account PER computer/IP address.

3) In order to join YourDailySurveys.com you must know and understand English.

4) All payments are made via PayPal.

5) Payments will be made on a monthly period.

6) If you are inactive for more than 180 days (without informing us) your account will be frozen. You may have your account back, together with your previous balance, just by contacting us.

7) If you try to "cheat" our system, in any way, your account will be frozen and you will lose all your money.

8) We have the right to change our terms of service at anytime without prior consent or notice.

Rules are simple but remember we have the right to add/remove anything at any time if we think it is necessary.


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